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Stock Screener:Dairy Products

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Company performance - Published
Date Company name Turnover* Profit* % Dividend
Company performance - Coming
Date Company name report content ends
Company Rating
Date Broker Name Company name Rating Target Price
09-05 Goldman Sachs  CHINA FEIHE 買入8.1
09-02 Citibank  CHINA FEIHE 買入8.9
08-31 CLSA  CHINA FEIHE 跑贏大市7.4
08-26 CLSA  CH MODERN D 買入1.4
08-26 Macquarie  MENGNIU DAIRY 跑贏大市46.2
08-26 Macquarie  MENGNIU DAIRY 跑贏大市46.2
08-26   MENGNIU DAIRY 買入48
08-26 Goldman Sachs  MENGNIU DAIRY 買入51.3
08-25 Citibank  MENGNIU DAIRY 買入52.9
08-25 Goldman Sachs  MENGNIU DAIRY 買入
08-08 Credit Suisse  MENGNIU DAIRY 跑贏大市45
07-27 JPMorgan Chase  CHINA FEIHE 中性7
07-27 Macquarie  H&H INTL HLDG 跑贏大市18.4
07-26   CHINA FEIHE 中性7.1
07-26 Citibank  09858 買入3.9
07-26 Daiwa  09858 買入5.7
07-26 HSBC  CHINA FEIHE 買入9.1
07-26 UBS  CHINA FEIHE 買入11.1
Latest Stock Quote
Stock code Stock name Latest Value Change Change %
 00462   NATURAL DAIRY  2.2  2.2  ∞%
 01007   LONGHUI INTL  0.86  0.86  ∞%
 01112   H&H INTL HLDG  9.34  9.34  ∞%
 01117   CH MODERN D  0.94  0.94  ∞%
 01230   YASHILI INT'L  1.13  1.13  ∞%
 01431   YST DAIRY  0.2  0.2  ∞%
 01432   CHINA SHENGMU  0.34  0.34  ∞%
 01492   ZHONGDI DAIRY  1.11  0.01  0.91%
 01533   ZHUANGYUAN PA  10.84  10.84  ∞%
 01717   AUSNUTRIA  3.88  3.88  ∞%
 02319   MENGNIU DAIRY  31.35  31.35  ∞%
 06186   CHINA FEIHE  5.44  5.44  ∞%
 06863   HUISHAN DAIRY  1.72  0.03  1.71%
Stock chart
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