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Banks with best exchange difference

Currency First Best Second Best
Bank name Buy Sell Ratio Bank name Buy Sell Ratio
Australian Dollar Chong Hing Bank5.36035.38960.55% Dah Sing Bank5.35955.38950.56%
Canadian Dollar Dah Sing Bank5.7255.7580.58% Chong Hing Bank5.72275.75740.61%
Swiss Franc Nanyang Commercial Bank8.04458.08350.48% Dah Sing Bank8.0458.0840.48%
Renminbi DBS (HK)1.08271.09691.31% Dah Sing Bank1.081151.095551.33%
Euro Dah Sing Bank8.65958.7070.55% Nanyang Commercial Bank8.65758.71150.62%
Pound Sterling Dah Sing Bank9.7269.78450.6% Chong Hing Bank9.71879.78680.7%
Japanese Yen Nanyang Commercial Bank0.071260.071610.49% Dah Sing Bank0.0712250.071580.5%
New Zealand Dollar Dah Sing Bank4.9564.9840.56% Chong Hing Bank4.9514.98820.75%
U.S. Dollar Dah Sing Bank7.74057.76150.27% Nanyang Commercial Bank7.7387.76350.33%
Danish Krone Dah Sing Bank1.1561.1741.56% DBS (HK)1.15161.17792.28%
Norwegian Krone Nanyang Commercial Bank0.80950.8231.67% Dah Sing Bank0.80550.82652.61%
Philippine Peso DBS (HK)0.13780.15049.14%     
Sweden Krone Dah Sing Bank0.82250.8442.61% DBS (HK)0.82040.84633.16%
Singapore Dollar Dah Sing Bank5.52555.56850.78% DBS (HK)5.52395.57120.86%
Thai Baht Dah Sing Bank0.242250.248852.72% Nanyang Commercial Bank0.2410.25053.94%
U.S. Dollar (Next Day) DBS (HK)7.68997.81161.58%     
South African Rand DBS (HK)0.44640.45993.02% Dah Sing Bank0.4410.46555.56%

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