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Tencent Holdings Ltd., 00700.HK - Company Profile
Chairman Ma Huateng
Share Issued (share) 4,294,967,295
Par Currency Hong Kong Dollar
Par Value 2.0E-5
Industry E-Commerce & Internet Services
Corporate Profile Business Summary: The Group is principally engaged in the provision of VAS and online advertising services to users in the PRC. Performance for the year: The Group’s audited profit attributable to equity holders of the Company for the year ended 31 December 2016 was RMB41,095 million, an increase of 43% compared with the results for the previous year. Basic and diluted earnings per share for the year ended 31 December 2016 were RMB4.383 and RMB4.329, respectively. Business Summary: 1. Company Strategic Highlights In 2016, the Group strengthened the Group’s “Connection” strategy by making the Group’s social platforms more interactive for users to share and communicate, and by connecting the Group’s social platforms to a broader range of online and offline services. The Group increasingly sought to differentiate user experience between the Group’s QQ and Weixin platforms. — QQ increasingly catered to a younger user base by enriching and optimising its entertainment-oriented functionalities. From a social perspective, QQ introduced a series of features to make chatting and sharing experience more entertaining, such as facial beautifying tools, painting-styled photos, and animated video stickers. From a content perspective, QQ stimulated user activities with entertainment-oriented content such as literature, cartoons, and short videos. — Weixin focused on providing more convenience to users’ daily life. During the year, Weixin enriched its content ecosystem around official accounts and boosted merchant and user adoption for Weixin Pay. In January 2017, Weixin launched Mini Program that the Group believe over time should help us broaden and deepen the Group’s service offering in low-frequency use cases, connect more offline services to online users, and provide more venues for users to sample functionalities offered by apps and thus increase the conversion rate for app downloads. 2. Company Product Highlights Social and Communication Platforms — QQ: Smart device MAU increased by 1.7% year-on-year to 652.5 million. PCU including PC and mobile reached 243.7 million. User activities benefited from the Group’s new features such as cmShow, photo beautifying, and animated stickers for video. By building AR technology into interactions, QQ attracted 250 million users to open 2 billion sponsored red packets during the 5-day Lunar New Year campaign. — Qzone: Smart device MAU increased by 3.9% year-on-year to 595.2 million. User activities benefited from upgraded functionalities such as immersive video streaming, live broadcasting, and upgraded photo features that allow family members to maintain joint albums. — Weixin and WeChat: MAU reached 889.3 million, representing year-on-year growth of 27.6%. During the 24 hours of Lunar New Year’s Eve, 14 billion red packets were gifted and accepted on Weixin, up 76% from the same period last year. Online Game Platforms — PC client games: The Group maintained the Group’s leadership as the largest game operator and publishing platform in China, operating all three top PC client games in China, namely League of Legends, Dungeon & Fighter and Cross Fire. In particular, League of Legends ranked first globally among all PC client games in terms of revenue in 2016, according to SuperData. Smart phone games had some negative effect on hours spent on playing PC games, especially where the Group operate both a PC and smart phone game utilising the same IP — for example, the Group’s shooting game Cross Fire. However the combined usage of these IPs across PC and smart phone has generally increased substantially. — Smart phone games: The Group remained the top smart phone game publisher in China. For iOS, the Group ranked the number 1 publisher in the Global Grossing Chart, according to AppAnnie. The Group’s games generally generate more revenue on Android than on iOS, because there are more Android users in China, and some of the Group’s games appeal more to young users who use Android phones more. The Group achieved approximately RMB10.7 billion revenue1 in the fourth quarter of 2016, representing 51% year-on-year revenue growth, benefiting from portfolio expansion and strong operating performance of the Group’s major player-versus-player games and role-playing games. As of the end of 2016, Honour of Kings surpassed 50 million DAU, setting a new record for smart phone games on the Group’s platforms. During 2016, the Group continued to gain ground in role playing games with the success of titles such as Fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile, JX Mobile, ZhengTu Mobile, and Legend of YuLong Mobile. Media and Digital Content Platforms — News Services: The Group’s news services, including news applications and news plug-ins within the Group’s social platforms, maintained industry leadership in terms of DAU. Tencent News, the most popular professional news application in China, focuses on formal and deep news content. By providing attractive and highly personalised casual reading content based on readers’ interest graph, Kuaibao established itself as one of the most popular news applications in China. — Online Video: The Group’s video service ranked first in China in terms of mobile video views. The number of paying users exceeded 20 million, more than tripled year-on-year. During the year, the Group gained initial success in original content with popular titles such as Candle in the Tomb and When a Snail Falls in Love. — Digital music: The Group expanded the Group’s industry-leading music library and strengthened anti-piracy measures. DAU of the Group’s online karaoke application WeSing reached 35 million in 2016, more than doubled year-on-year, establishing itself as the largest online karaoke community in China. Virtual gifting items have gained popularity on WeSing as a tool for the audience to interact with the singers. — Online literature: The Group strengthened the Group’s contractual relationships with key authors, and helped long-tail authors to achieve better readership via more intelligent content recommendations to readers. The number of daily paying readers reached approximately 2.5 million, more than doubled year-on-year, benefiting from reduced piracy. Utility Platforms — Security: The Group’s mobile security application expanded its industry leadership, ranking first in China in terms of MAU according to QuestMobile. The Group won two world-class security vulnerability discovery contests in 2016, ranking number 1 in both Pwn2Own and Mobile Pwn2Own. During 2016, the Group strengthened the Group’s mobile security leadership in areas such as virus scanning, phony base-station detection, anti-fraudulent phone number library, phone memory optimisation, and speed boosting. — Application Store: The Group’s application store YingYongBao gained notable market share, overtaking the first movers to become the clear market leader. YingYongBao was ranked first among all Android application stores in China by QuestMobile in terms of MAU. In addition to application discovery, the Group also drove user activities with entertainment oriented content such as videos, cartoons and literature. During the year, YingYongBao has grown into a significant distribution platform for the Group’s smart phone games on Android and made meaningful contributions to the growth of the Group’s social and performance advertising. — Browser: The Group’s mobile browser strengthened its industry leadership, ranking first in China in terms of MAU according to QuestMobile. Personalised recommendations drove robust year-on-year growth in page views and video views. QQ Browser also made significant contributions to the user growth of the Group’s digital literature services. Prospects: During 2017, the Group intend to further the Group’s “Connection” strategy by expanding the Group’s ecosystem around the Group’s core social and communication platforms via initiatives including: —Adding more services within the Group’s social platforms to bring more convenience to the Group’s users, and to create business opportunities for the Group’s ecosystem partners; — Expanding the popularity of the Group’s major smart phone games while adding new genre-driven PC games; — Expanding the Group’s advertising market share by synchronising the Group’s capabilities in brand and performance advertising, and growing the Group’s number of small and regional advertisers with deeper targeting algorithms and more convenient self-service tools; —Growing the Group’s digital content subscriber bases; — Boosting usage frequency of the Group’s payment related services by covering more online and offline consumption scenarios; and —Developing the Group’s capabilities in emerging technology areas such as machine learning and cloud services.

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